About Us

Our history, vision & mission

A Diverse and Inclusive Community

Here2Grow International School’s goal is to provide all students with the opportunity to fulfil their academic potential, while they in turn provide the school with a variety of backgrounds and experiences that create a rich educational environment. The school strongly builds international mindedness among the students and makes them global citizens through the appreciation of different ethnicities, actively contributing to an atmosphere of harmony, respect, tolerance and dignity in the school. 

At Here2Grow International School we aim at emphasizing an “International” community. In an international community, individuals strive to work cooperatively, regardless of presumed differences, and learn to make decisions and take responsibility for all their actions. 

Our Vision and Mission

Vision: Building a challenging educational environment to nurture a
knowledgeable generation of positive leaders, inventors, scientists, and educators serving the society.

Mission: Preparing a conscious, creative generation that empowers
scientific values for their environment, school, society and
country to be global leaders.

Our Values :

  • Encouraging students to take ownership of their learning and developing as life-long learners. 
  • Reinforcing Islamic values and Saudi culture in the global world and inculcating tolerance with appreciating and respecting cultural differences. 
  • Promoting the values of truth, respect, honesty, and kindness 
  • Guiding students to believe in teamwork and collaboration across all areas of school life. 

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Here2Grow International School is to prepare students understand, contribute to, and succeed in a rapidly changing and challenging society, by providing them with the knowledge, technical, and non-technical skills necessary to provide essential competencies for success and leadership in the emerging creative society.  

Here2Grow International School is an inclusive school which believes that every student is a unique individual with different set of skills and potential for growth. 

Therefore, the school aims to encourage a creative atmosphere where students can meet their full potential and develop a desire for lifelong learning so that they become global leaders, inventors, and educators. The school places a high emphasis on teaching the students how to live with global community.