This is an important period in the development of the baby. At this age, new psychological processes begin to actively develop, the mechanisms of behavior and thinking change.

Elementary Section:

Respect for the uniqueness of each child is central to our program, with each learner’s developmental level considered and accommodated for.The school displays and values children’s work and encourages children to take pride in their work. It is expected and accepted that learners have different developmental levels and learning styles. Our Learners are prepared to excel and compete in the next grade level. 


The Elementary Program emphasizes:

  • A teaching approach integrating all core content areas developing Mental and Critical Thinking Skills
  • Language Proficiency focused on developmentally appropriate listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities
  • An Experimental Approach to science which enables learners to understand science and connect it to real life phenomena using technology and computer skills
  • Ministry Standardized education for Arabic and Islamic Education
  • Specialized learning Art, French, and Physical Education